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bicycle tour Bicycle tours are an excellent way to relax and rejuvenate.  Pedaling a bicycle gets those endorphins flowing, and you'll get a different, more intimate perspective of the local culture and environment from atop a bike than you would traveling by air, rail, or automobile.

Bicycle tours are a great way to bond with family and friends, but they are also a great way to vacation solo.  And there are cycling tours available for just about every interest and budget.  Whether you are interested in a day or weekend trip, or a week-long or month-long bicycle adventure tour with all the trimmings, there are bicycle touring choices that are sure to appeal to you!

bicycling in the country One benefit of touring by bicycle is that you can simply hop on your bicycle and go for a ride.  This can work for brief day trips.  However, if you are planning a long bicycle tour, it is important to select your bicycle, touring route, cycling gear, eating & sleeping arrangements, and daily distances carefully, based on your preferences and abilities.  Bicycle touring is both a physical adventure and a retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life.  However, based on your preferences, you can choose a more extreme tour that is physically demanding and offers little in the way of luxuries, a tour that offers gourmet meals and lodging in upscale Bed and Breakfasts, or something in between.

On this site,, you will find a directory of several bicycle tour operators who offer bicycle tours and vacations for cyclists with varying interests and abilities.  Many of these tours feature popular destinations in the United States, Canada, and Europe.  You will also find a selection of bicycle touring resources to help you plan your cycling vacation.

Bicycle Tour Operators

  • Experience Plus
    Offers bicycle tours and walking tours featuring expert local tour leaders, gourmet meals, comfortable lodging, and affordable prices.
  • Backroads
    Features biking vacations, bicycle touring, hiking trips, and adventure travel.
  • America By Bicycle
    Find cross country and intermediate range bicycle tours.
  • Cyclevents
    Fun, affordable bicycle tours worldwide for cycling enthusiasts.
  • Cycling Destinations
    Offers bike tours for all abilities and interests in Hawaii and several European destinations.
  • Breaking Away
    Bicycle Tours for avid cycling enthusiasts.  Find cycling vacations for touring, fitness, and racing cyclists.
  • Discovery Bicycle Tours
    Offers a variety of biking tours in New England, Ireland, and Scotland.
  • VBT
    This experienced tour operator offers deluxe bicycle vacations and walking tours.
    Connecticut-based tour company features getaway adventures designed and guided by cycling professionals.
    Bicycle tours offered by the National Bicycle Tour Director's Association.
  • Erickson Cycle Tours
    This bicycle tour operator, based in Seattle, Washington, features a selection of European bicycle travel packages and tours for intermediate and experienced cyclists.

Bicycle Tour Resources

  • Adventure Cycling
    American bicycle travel resource offers many programs for cyclists, including a network of bicycle tour routes and organized trips.
  • Bicycle Tours
    Directory of bicycle tour operators and bicycle touring resources throughout the United States of America.
  • Bicycle Trips
    The Student Hosteling Program offers bicycle touring trips for teens through the countrysides and cultural centers of North America and Europe.

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